The Return of Charlotte: How Camelia Somers Character Will Shake Up The Bold and the Beautiful

Are you ready for a blast from the past? The Bold and the Beautiful is bringing back a familiar face that will shake things up in the Forrester Creations world. 

Charlotte, played by Camelia Somers, granddaughter of Three’s Company legend Suzanne Somers, is set to make her return to the show. 

Fans who have been watching for more than five years may remember Charlotte as the intern who was involved in a scandalous love affair with none other than Thomas Forrester. 

But what brings her back to the scene and how will her return affect the current drama at Forrester Creations? Tune in to find out as Charlotte makes her highly-anticipated comeback to the show in the coming week.

The introduction of Charlotte

Fans of The Bold and the Beautiful may remember a batch of interns who began working at Forrester Creations in 2015, one of whom was a young woman named Charlotte, played by Camelia Somers, granddaughter of Three’s Company star Suzanne Somers. Charlotte is set to return to the show, and her presence is sure to shake things up.

Thomas and Charlotte’s scandalous past

Charlotte had a crush on Thomas Forrester, and the two began dating despite there being a rule against non-interns dating interns at Forrester Creations.

As one might expect, this came back to bite them when Ridge, Thomas’ father, walked in on them together at the Forrester mansion. This led to a confrontation between father and son, with Ridge calling Thomas a “spoiled brat” and Thomas punching his dad.

Thomas’ current situation

Thomas is currently on the outs with his family, both personally and professionally. He’s also trying to reconcile with Caroline, the mother of his child, Douglas.

With Charlotte’s return, it will be interesting to see if Thomas calls on her to be his eyes and ears at Forrester Creations as he tries to work his way back into the fold.

The possibility of a rekindled romance

With Thomas’ current situation, it’s possible that he and Charlotte may rekindle their romance. However, considering the scandal that ensued the last time they were together, it’s uncertain if this is the best move for either of them.

The impact of Charlotte’s return

Overall, the return of Charlotte will add an exciting new dynamic to the show. Her presence will bring back memories of the past and could potentially lead to new conflicts and relationships.

Camelia Somers

Fans will have to tune in to find out how her character will impact the Forrester family and their fashion empire.

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