Bold & Beautiful Spoiler next Week (Dec, 26-30)

For The Bold and the Beautiful episodes from Monday, December 26, through Friday, December 30, according to the most recent spoilers, Sheila makes every effort to persuade her son and his wife that she has changed.

Thomas could be held accountable for his recent transgressions, and Bill’s boys are left to wonder what the heck is going on with dad.

Refreshing Recaps!

In the recap from last Friday, Eric’s yearly celebration is jam-packed with gifts, boozy eggnog, and an unexpected kiss.

If the Logans, Forresters, and Spencers didn’t take some time to reflect on their blessings, it wouldn’t be the holiday season.

While we’re confident that Eric will sing at some point, perhaps these exclusive sneak peeks of what the CBS soaps have in store for Christmas will reveal more.

What Will Happen In The Future Days?

B&B Spoilers For December 26, Monday

Before the Forrester Board of Directors, Thomas makes his case.

While carrying out her next action, Sheila makes a terrifying choice.

B&B Spoilers For December 27, Tuesday

During a violent storm, Carter and Katie go on a date.

When Sheila appears out of the blue, Finn and Steffy, take action.

B&B Spoilers For December 28, Wednesday

Sheila asks for a chance to make things right, which stuns Steffy and Finn.

As friends, Taylor and Brooke set off on a new adventure.

B&B Spoilers For December 29, Thursday

Wyatt and Liam start to worry about Bill’s mental health.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers next week dec 26-30
Bold & Beautiful spoilers next week dec

Sheila pulls another prank on Finn and Steffy to gain what she wants.

B&B Spoilers For December 30, Friday

The episode that first aired on August 1, 2022, will be repeated on the soap opera.

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