Bold and Beautiful 12/22/2022: A Christmas Season On The B&B

The Bold and the Beautiful is now experiencing the Christmas season. While we’re still waiting for the celebrations to start, Steffy’s and Eric’s houses had decorations up today. The houses were decorated with lovely trees and were getting ready for the Christmas season.

This episode was slightly subdued compared to the previous few days, but we can enjoy it as a good break before the Christmas festivities.

Ridge received a message from Eric inviting his kid to the family get-together. Steffy and Finn set aside their concerns about Sheila to prioritize their children. Katie also received good news regarding her heart.

The entire chronology is provided here.

A Glimpse Of Yesterday!

Prior to her doctor’s appointment, she had been on a high and hadn’t de-energized yet. Dr. Buckingham reassured Katie that she was doing fine and shouldn’t be concerned. When Katie was able to concentrate on the joy flooding her, she told Carter about her plans.

Finn and Steffy enjoyed the season while admiring how beautifully their house was adorned. The moments Kelly spent with her parents were immensely touching and, at times, humorous.

Douglas, a relative, informed her that the reason the reindeer’s nose is so red is that it is cold at the North Pole. Finn then advised her to speak with her father when she next met him at Eric’s Christmas party.

After Brooke and Taylor dumped Ridge, Eric contacted him to check on him. Ridge did acknowledge that despite their decision to end their relationship, he still loves both of his ex-wives, but he must now determine what comes next for him.

Christmas Season On The B&B
Bold and Beautiful 12/22/2022: Christmas Season On The B&B

Ridge was assured by Pam and Charlie that his family was supporting him. A similar thought occurred to Eric, who invited his kid to his Christmas celebration.

She will attend the party, yes, but they can get along. Eric said that Brooke wanted to visit Ridge. Since Taylor was not mentioned, I assume she was not invited.

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